Drive Safely with the 2020 Mazda CX-30 at Freysinger Mazda


The 2020 Mazda CX-30 at Freysinger Mazda in Mechanicsburg is equipped with a Skyactiv engine that is super efficient and gives you just the right amount of horsepower and torque that you need to merge into traffic on the highway easily. For more performance capabilities, you can get the available i-Activ all-wheel drive, which will give you the traction you need to get through all types of terrains and severe weather conditions during all months of the year. This all-wheel drive is paired perfectly with G-Vectoring Control Plus which makes your ride smoother and easier to handle.

On the steering wheel of the 2020 CX-30, Carlisle and Camp Hill drivers will find a paddle-mounted shifter to make shifting your vehicle easy and convenient. As the shifting is more accessible with this vehicle, you can limit the number of times you have to look down to shift your vehicle into gear. When it comes to the wheels on this vehicle, you can choose from a variety of different alloy iterations that suit your taste and driving style perfectly. All you must do is come to Freysinger Mazda to view all available tires for this model and pick out the ones that you find are the perfect fit.


MyMazda App

The 2020 CX-30 comes with the MyMazda App, which has a variety of great features all packed into one app. Features that York and Hanover drivers will appreciate include the available Wi-Fi hotspot, the ability to unlock, lock, and start your Mazda remotely, and access to emergency services in the area that you are driving in.

Mazda Connect Infotainment Center

With the Mazda Connect infotainment center, you can easily view all your favorite in-vehicle apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on an 8.8-inch widescreen. With this feature, you can also access your music playlists and all your navigation routes for your favorite destinations across the map.

Active Driving Display

The active driving display in the 2020 CX-30 projects all your vehicle's most important information onto the windshield directly in front of you. By having this projection in view, it will help you avoid distracted driving which could ultimately lead to a collision. You are also able to choose which information is displayed for your viewing pleasure, so you see the information that you are constantly looking for in your Mazda.

Safety Features

Steel Body - The 2020 CX-30 is designed with high-tensile steel to provide you with durable material to protect you if a rollover or collision was to occur to you and your passengers.

Blind-Spot Monitoring - With blind-spot monitoring, your Mazda will be able to alert you the moment another vehicle enters your blind area while you are turning onto another road or changing lanes on the highway.

Lane Departure Warning - This safety feature is very beneficial when you are driving on the highway as it alerts you the moment your vehicle starts to drift out of its lane which could easily cause a potential collision.

Driver Attention Alert - Driver attention alert will provide you with warnings if the system detects that you are tired or distracted while driving behind the wheel.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert - This feature can detect another vehicle approaching you from the side while you are backing up your Mazda. Once the detection is made, you will be provided with audible and visual warnings. If you live in the Harrisburg area, you will learn to appreciate this feature while backing out of parking spaces in well-populated areas of the city.