Freysinger Mazda Tips on Spring Car Care

An effective way to remember when to maintain your vehicle is to do so whenever the seasons change. This ensures that you are always prepared for the shifts in weather. The arrival of spring means that the temperatures are slowly rising—a good indication to de-winterize your vehicle. So, if you have not made the necessary alterations just yet, then get in touch with the technicians at the Freysinger Mazda service center today!

Three Ways to Maintain Your Model This Spring

There are many ways in which our auto body shop can prep your vehicle for spring!

Full Detail — Due to the colder climate of winter, few drivers venture out into the cold to clean their car, truck, or SUV. That is where "spring cleaning" comes into play. Wash away the buildup of salt and ice and add a layer of wax to prevent surface rust. Air out the cabin and clean the interior thoroughly.

Check Fluids — Wintertime chills can have an adverse effect on the fluids in your vehicle, which is why we recommend checking their condition. If you notice a change in color or reduced levels, get a fluid flush or top-off. Fluids to check include coolant, brake, transmission, and oil.

Maintain Tires — Winter tires are made from rubber compounds that are resistant to the cold. Likewise, all-season tires are made from rubber compounds that are resistant to the heat. That is why we suggest you make sure your vehicle is equipped with the right setup.

Schedule Your Spring Auto Service & Repairs Today

All of these services and so much more are offered right here at Freysinger Mazda! So, if you require a tire rotation, oil change, or another spring tune-up procedure done on your model, then do not wait. Schedule your appointment with our technicians today!

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